Levonne's Original Art

I use acid-neutral fixatives and varnish to protect paintings and mount them on prepared cradled wood panels using reversible archival adhesive.

6x6 inch deep wood panel can be enjoyed on a desk or table

9x12 wood panel can be leaned against a wall or placed in a
window seal (that doesn't get direct sun).

Pieces range in size from 6x6 to 18x24 inches.

You may contact me at Levonnegaddy@hotmail.com or you can visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Levonnesartandsuch/

Pieces from "Sweet Whimsy" Series

My current pieces, sparked by sound as I make blind marks on the painting surface begins my process for each painting. I layer color until I recognize the subject. I finish by enhancing what I see, so that the viewer can share my vision.

Blessed Circus Seal 9x9

She's Off Again 6x6

The Seal 9x12

Flight Over a Strange Land 9x12

One Fine Bug 9x12


The Crossing 9x12

The Day of the Eruption 9x12

We Love You All. Coming and Going. 9x12

Anasazi Village 7x10

A day at the Park 7x10

Come Fly With Me 7x10

Quick, grab the laundry. 7x10

Life by a River 7x10


7x10 "Rustic" Original Mixed Media Collage

7x10 "Born to be Wild" Original Mixed Media Collage

7x10 "Hula Girl and Barbie" Original Mixed Media Collage

7x10 "Reclamation" Original Mixed Media Collage


Blue Beach (9x12)

Beach Life 9x12

The Camp 9x12

Beach Life II 9x12

16x20 "Karmin" Limited Edition Print

16x20 "Red Rock" Limited Edition Print

16x20 "Two Balds" Limited Edition Print

16x20 "Big Sur River in the Fall" Limited Edition Print

"Agave Tear" Limited Edition Print
If you are interested in obtaining my art or prints, contact me at Levonnegaddy@hotmail.com
Thank you sincerely for visiting.

My Book "This Restless Life: A dream chased through
California parks in an RV"

"This Restless Life: A dream chased through California parks in an RV"
8.5x8.5, 44 full color photographs and the story of Levonne and John's relocation adventure during the
2008-2009 Great Recession

Available at Amazon.com

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