Have you ever noticed how wonderful the sun feels when you've been cold? How bright the clear sky looks after a rainy day? How refreshing fresh air smells after something stinky has invaded your nose? How healing a belly laugh feels after you've cried?

I think that it is the contrast between two things that enhances our appreciation for the desired thing. Like the first day of vacation after a hard year of work and dreaming of freedom. The deliciousness of food when you've worked up a good appetite by walking long and hard outside. The refreshing taste of a cold drink after experiencing the driest throat.

When John and I hit the road on our California Odyssey two and a half years ago, after working fulltime for decades, our time traveling in the Jazz was pure utopia. A leisurely breakfast together at McDonald's on a weekday morning was luxurious beyond words. Not going to work every morning felt like the ultimate freedom.

Today, after two and a half years of living in campgrounds and parks to result in a failure to succeed in making a permanent home in one of the California coastal communities that we love is heartbreaking for John and me. We're not feeling the joy at McDonald's anymore (not a surprise to many of you I'm sure). NOT having a job doesn't feel like freedom anymore. Living in a park, even a 450-acre one has lost its freshness.

We've come to a place where I don't even know what a contrast might be to the lives we've lead the past thirty months. I have to say it feels a bit like we've hit the wall. Something critical seems to be missing. Just trying to keep it real.

I hope that you're enjoying invigorating contrasts in your world. Or at least peace.